The Lollygagger Lane Newsletter June 16, 2012

The Lollygagger Lane News … a little birdie told me ….

Tier cost and how you can donate tier:
Tier cost is $120 a month!! This payment falls to Firery, and some LG property may have to be sold off to lower the tier. Many more Lindens are spent on Live Entertainment, as well as items purchased for building and decorating. Donate to LG whenever you can, tip jars are at various places throughout the Lane. If you don’t have Lindens, but are a paid member to SL, you can donate your tier and it won’t cost you anything. Contact Firery Broome to find out more.

Theme Night/Pub Crawl, every Friday, 5 PM,  starting June 22:
We will attend 4 live events, 15 min at each IN THEME COSTUME, followed by after party at LG w/ DJ. Wear your LG tag, and promote LG! 500L prize and the fabulous LG Trophy awarded to best thematic dressed at the 1-1/2 hour mark, winner announced by the DJ. Contestants MUST register with Reggier (or other specified person) within 15 minutes of event start , and must stay with the group till announcement. Everyone present gets to vote. The first theme will be …. we’ll go easy on you the first time … wear your best worn-out, run-down, pathetic old hobo clothes. Meet at the campfire at Lollygagger by 5 PM Friday! IM Reggier Rimbaud or Firery Broome for a NC with your theme ideas!

Don’t miss … (all are SL times)
Peet Peterman @ The Lane, Sun, June 17, 12 noon
Djeaux Farrasco @ The Lane, Tue, June 19, 5 PM
Frequency Picnic @ The Lane, Wed, June 20, 4 PM
Barely Texan @ The Lane, Thu, June 21, 4 PM
Theme Night/Pub Crawl, starts @ The Lane Fri, June 22, 5 PM
Location for these events:

06-16 Lollygagger Lane Meeting
There were 18 attendees to the meeting. Firery talked about having more fun events:
• a theme night: On Friday at 5 for an hour and then an after party DJ event to follow. The consensus was “let’s do it!”
• a lane news letter: send it out every weekish, much discussion ensued. We’ll try it and see what the response is.
• lots of ideas for tasks around the place get forgotten about and left undone cuz we don’t have someplace to remind us. If there are tasks to do we will keep a list of them and check them off when they get done. Firery may make a shared doc on the web that some can add to and check off.
• we now have a very nice street sign, Rask will ad arrow signs with teleport scripts to the event stage, art center and more.
• music on the lane: let us know if there are people out there that you think will fit in. send us (Firery, Derek, Reggier) names on NCs. Nad Gough was suggested by many. Dual streaming Ziffy Zarf and Noma Falta is a posibility.
• Reminder: if you think of good DJ’s that would go with a theme night, pass them along in a NC to Derek or Reggier.
• a big thank you to everyone for their great efforts in getting last week’s RFL show running, we generated about 80,000L$.
• next week sees some of the LG and Hobo DJs and performers over at SL9B, the celebration of SL’s 9th birthday…18th to 25th June.
Visit the Lollygagger build:

• the Lindens finally changed the LM of the lane in the destination guide to current location, so we might get more visitors, and also more demand for shop renters.
• The meeting ended in a fist fight and Rask demanding someone “sit on his prim”. Derek, of course, did it. And promptly broke it.

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