Greetings from Prague!

Dear Lollygagger brothers and sisters, A few of us won’t be at the inworld meeting tonight, since we are staying in Prague and have a RL Lollygagger Meet-up. Frequency, Thea, paramparamm, Derek, Firery, Del and me (Rask) are enjoying beautiful scenery and weird speaking people. I wish I could tell you all about it, but… Continue reading Greetings from Prague!

Lollygaggers leaving for Prague!

This weekend a few of the Lollygaggers will have a RL meet-up in Prague. Read all about our trip here on the blog, we will try to update it as soon as we can!

Slumrock 2013 from 13th to 16th of December at the Lane!

This weekend at the Lane: Slumrock 2013! Join us to party, support the National Fibromyalgia Research Association and enjoy this great line-up: DATE TIME SLT PERFORMER FRI DEC 13 NOON Eeco 1P nnoiz Papp 2P Engrama 3P Gina Gracemount 4P Blu Ducrot 5P Christopher Quan 6P Starrfish Ohmai 7P Nance Brody 8P Xara Fiasco SAT… Continue reading Slumrock 2013 from 13th to 16th of December at the Lane!

The Lane is moving!

Reggier has found an amazing piece of land next to the Linden ocean. Currently we are still building the new Lane there, but everyone is welcome to check the new place out!      

Slum Rock 2011 Performer Schedule

Friday 16th December 2011 1pm – Russel Eponym 2pm – Danlange Diavolo 3pm – Frets Nirvana 4pm – Christopher Quan 5pm – Randel Forsythe 6pm – Trulie Telling 7pm – Vaughan Michalak 8pm – FREE ——————————— Saturday 17th December 2011 Noon – Ridha Cooljoke 1pm – Ridha Cooljoke 2pm – Mamaa Saiz 3pm – Terrylynn… Continue reading Slum Rock 2011 Performer Schedule