Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth-Live on The Lane Fri. Feb. 4 @ 12:00pm SLT

Come on over to The Lane, there is no show like this in SL.

A full time musician in RL, Obeloinkment brings something unique and special to SL.  Original music, original ideas, creative presentation and professional mic control make his show a new experience every time.  Some songs are simple songs played with acoustic guitar.  Others are compositions made by using a looper to record live drums, bass, percussion, voices and much more.  These compositions are never the same twice and always made live without the aid of pre-recorded backing tracks.   The music is generally genre defying but there’s a bit of bluegrass, a little twang, a hint of pop, and sometimes a reggae groove.  You have to hear it to believe it.    With over 350 songs in his catalog, Obe occasionally will throw in some fun covers to the set.  These will never be a current top 40 song, examples include Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, Primus or Ween.   Special guests on relay streams or live in person are not unheard of with this guy, another attribute that sets this act apart as one of the most original and creative in all of SL.   When you hire Obe to play your venue, you get a show you can feel confident advertising as original, unique and fun.

Obeloinkment’s human is a multi-instrumentalist  & songwriter in real life and plays drums for the band Aftergrass (http://www.aftergrass.com) – You can check him out online  at http://www.obeloinkment.com –  You can check out aftergrass at www.aftergrass.com or get their CD on the iTunes music store by searching “aftergrass”

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