Lollygagger Newsletter – Feb. 09, 2013

Music events @The Lane

 Derek says: 

We have no funds for music this week, regulars will he here this week.   Until we get a music kitty all stored up we will be having one live guest musician per week.

In general they will play at 2:00 pm. slt.  He will be working on getting someone for next sat.


Sunday Feb 2

12p – Live  Peet Peterman

1-3p – someone will prob. dj

3p – Live Bartelby Pegler

4p till the cows come home someone will prob. DJ


 Friday Feb 15

3-5p -  DJ Paradox Messmer

5-6p – Pub Crawl  someone toss out some theme ideas


Sat Feb 16

12p – Scripting with Takni

1-2p Lane Meeting

2-3p ?

4p -DJ Derek

5p – Live Whirligig Rutabaga

6p – Live Blane Sonnenkern


What’s On At The Gallery?

Show Opening on Feb 16th,  2pm slt. SL Works by thea Maiman.

There will be a party as usual with DJs and lots of fun. Social event of the month.  Join us, bring friends.


Community News


Please remember to pick up your prims after you finish building. We seem to be collecting lots of prims again.  I will be sending things back if I find them up in the sky.


 Rask says:

There have been some issues with the Lane stream.  We are using Derek’s until we get it worked out.  Rask contacted the people at the stream host site no one was there.  If no one is there tomorrow we will look for a new stream host site.



Relay Team has been registered. We are team 15, Walking Tall For A Cure.

We are representing, Hobo, Lollygaggers, Stilt Bitches and our creative builders.

We hope that everyone will help us with ideas for a fundraisers even if you are not on the official team list.


Fun Scripting with Takni Classes

Sat. 12:00 pm slt

another gerat class from takni, really fun, but there is room for more students.

So there is lots of room for you budding scriptors out there, of for those who just want to tinker a bit with a previously made script.


Lane Storytelling Night

Stay tuned for this sure to be fun event  Kicking of the event on Sunday Feb. 17th, at 2:00 pm, is The Fatman himself.  You will not want to miss it.

Remember to contact Keeper to get on the Storytelling Night schedule



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