The Lollygagger Lane Newsletter June 30, 2012

The Lollygagger Lane News … a little birdie told me ….

If you have anything you would like to contribute to our Newsletter, contact Firery Broome or Reggier Rimbaud ….

*** Darsh and Derek are hatching plans for a fun aerial show event, could very well be the first of its kind in SL. if all agree with the idea, Derek will be happy to work on it. All who would like to help Darsh and Derek please let Derek know.

*** The Punk Event is going ahead. It will be on July 7th at Social Scene Sim, with our team RFL boards out, 11am – 10pm slt. Featuring LG DJs vali, rask and Trash Deluxe.

*** There have been a number of conversations about what will happen to our happy home and group if SL ever disappears -Not to worry- there is always plan B. Use the blog to find out about plan B should SL ever go away and we need to use it

*** State of the Blog update:
The Blog is starting to look better. I have updated most of the regular DJ info but still need info from Lum. Also need shop info from Darsh and a gallery blurb from Loq. I used old info from Barely, if it has been updated he needs to get me the info. (NAGGING)

*** Hobo History Pages
We NEED THEM this is going to go on the to-do list

*** Lollygagger Group Clean-up
With all the troubles we are having with notices of late maybe it is time we had a look at the group and clean up some of the members. Maybe delete some and have a serious look at roles and stuff like that. There are issues with notices going out/being received with over 500 members. Also, there was discussion of a “subscribe o matic” type system being used. People could opt in or out as they choose and delivery is much more reliable.

*** Relay Update
Relay weekend starts July 14th. We will be building there a lot once the sims are delivered.

*** Reminder if anyone here is a survivor of, or care giver to, someone with cancer you can sign up for the honor walk at relay if you care too. In the past others have walked without signing up. You have to do it today or tomorrow though to be on the official list.

*** We have a new resident living on the lane now in the blue cabin his name is Baylen. Please welcome him and make him feel at home when you see him.

*** The detailed discussion of pubic hair …. Is well, maybe best left to your imagination. You never know what you’ll miss if you don’t attend the meeting!

*** Derek gave an Update on upcoming music events. “As you know the Follow are here in July to do a video show, and i have been looking for an opening act… well…may have found a rather good RLâ„¢ act called YUM who may be willing to come online as openers.”

***New all world time keeper clock map has been added to the bar. Just click on an area of the world and it will display the time for that area of the world.

*** Lane events in the next week

Sunday, July 1
12 noon Peet Peterman
Wednesday, July 4
4pm – DJ Frequency Picnic @ The Lane
Thursday, July 5
4pm – DJ Barely Texan @ The Lane
5pm Lauren Weylan @ The Lane
Friday, July 6
5pm – Club Crawl – Theme this week is … American Old West. We will attend 3-4 live events, IN THEME COSTUME, followed by after party at LG w/ DJ.
6pm DJ @ The Lane
Saturday, July 7
1pm – Hobo Meeting
anytime SLT
Much Silliness

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