The Lollygagger Lane Newsletter June 24, 2006

The Lollygagger Lane News … If you have anything you would like to contribute to our Newsletter, contact Firery Broome or Reggier Rimbaud ….

***Join our Theme Night/Pub Crawl, Friday, 5 PM: details sent out later this week.
Our first Theme Night/Pub Crawll was canceled to due to being rained out, actually some very strong storms in RL kept a few of us out, but we will be trying it again on Friday, at 5 PM. DJ music at the after party!􀀶

*** DJs We Need Your Info!!!!

We want to get the blog up-to-date. All regular and semi-regular DJ’s should get Firery a blurb about what they like to play and a nice promo image. This should be done ASAP so we use it to promote you better during your events on and off The Lane.

*** Coming week’s events

Peet Peterman – Live, Sun, June 24, 12 Noon
DJ Derek Sienkiewicz@SL9th B-day, Sun, June 24, 4 pm
Frequency Picnic, @The Lane, Wed, June 20, 4 pm
Barely Texan, @The Lane, Thu, June 28, 4 pm
Theme Night/Club Crawl, starts @The Lane, Fri, June 29, 5 pm
Frogg n’ Jaycatt (F n’ J) Live, @ The Lane, Fri, June 29, 7pm
hobo meeting @ The Lane, Sat, June 30, 1 pm
Takni @ SL9th-Bday see it before the sims close down


Lollygagger Meeting notes 2012-06-23

We have about 3 more weeks till relay weekend and still trying to get some ideas for a few more Lane RFL events.

Asked Blane about that Fight Club idea he mentioned a few weeks ago and he is indeed still interested in pursuing it. He will be picking up the needed kit and we will test it out to see how easy it is to work. If it is we will move forward with the event which will prob. be on a Sunday. Chrisssy will be the ring girl, sporting a bikini and ring numbers.

Trash is still working out the details of the punk event. It seems that punks are a testy bunch. Along with the punk music event she also mentioned a fund raiser primsumption session. She was thinking it would be an easy session. We will get together to work out those details. But please let Trash know if you are willing to offer some help with it.

Rask and Derek will be putting on their speedos and walking a lap for every 5000 L’s raised on their special challenge donation vendor. Come on all you know you want to see Derek and Rask in their near to birthday suits! Look for the board to arrive near the bar in the next few days.

Anyone interested in putting freebies in the freebie shop should contact Rask. He is overseeing that project. It is on his list of things todo and I am sure he would like to have that checked off the list. Contact him when you can and he will let you know where they should go, or set you up with rez rights.

Iumy said someone was around the lane looking for hobo’s to support Arcadia Asylum. Not sure in what way, but be aware that someone has been around. If anyone has anymore info please pass it along and we will put in newsletter.

Takni has a build at the sl b-day. It is great you must get there to see it!

And it just so happens that our very own Derek will be doing a set Sunday, June 24 at 4:00pm slt at the cake stageô€€·

For all those who were worried about why Rask was not at the meeting, he was at a RL b-day party.

I hope you read this Newsletter down to the last line, there WILL be a test. If you don’t pass, we will be forced to eject you from the Lollygagger Group. If you don’t agree with this policy, IM Derek Sienkiewicz, it was his idea 😉

Storefronts, stalls, and cabins on the beach: many choices available at Lollygagger Lane.
Stores or Beach Cabins: 350 per week, 35 primsô€€µ
Street Stalls also available at a discounted rate.ô€€´

*** Tier cost and how you can donate tier:
Tier cost is $120 a month!! This payment falls to Firery, and some LG property may have to be sold off to lower the tier. Many more Lindens are spent on Live Entertainment, as well as items purchased for building and decorating. Donate to LG whenever you can, tip jars are at various places throughout the Lane. If you don’t have Lindens, but are a paid member to SL, you can donate your tier and it won’t cost you anything. Contact Firery Broome to find out more.


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