Relay For Life and the Lane

Hey did you know that the Lane has a Relay For Life Team? Its made up of Hobos, Lollygaggers, Hot Stilt Bitches, and friends!

The Team

If you’re interested in joining the group please let us know and we will be happy to add you.  While we are a pretty laid back team, we do have some fundraising events between March and July.  Team members are expected to help out during these events in some way. No skills are too small to be of use to the group!

We welcome all to our group as is our hobo way. Also true to Hobo we are an international group and our team members come from across the globe. Be aware that the Relay is a VERY G rated event and The American Cancer Society takes their brand seriously, so we are always in our best G behavior.

If you are too busy to be on the team full time but would like to help out in some way?  You can still help, by donating items for sale in our team vendors,  or if you are a musician you could donate your talent when we have events on the Lane.  All proceeds will go to our team fundraising total. If you own land, and have some extra prims, you might consider hosting a few of our donation kiosks or team vendors and/or advertise our fundraising events.

The team has an official team web site on the official ACS  Relay For Life web site. Here team members can create  their your own web page within our team’s space. In your space you can set your own personal fundraising goals.  Once you have created you page, you can send your real life friends and family who are not in SL to the web to make donations to your personal goal and the team’s goal too!  If you prefer not to have your own page that is fine too, just send them to the the Walking Tall For A Cure team web page to make a donation.

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