Thank you all for making Slumrock 2013 amazing!

So another SL year passes us all by, another Slumrock festival drifts off into the sunset. But the memories and the music continue. Check back regularly to Lollygagger Lane as we welcome back performers old and new, in the coming year.

Slumrock 5 2013 has been awesome fun, thank you to everyone who put this together! So many to thank, but in particular – The performers (of course!), Firery Broome putting up with shit, Rask for body odour and building, param for builds and scripts, Whirl for my sanity, Inga for no shitty seams, Reggier for sparkle outfits and dry humour, Kilara for Kilaraness, Chrsy for artfully not dodgeing, Darsh n’ Ele for flying lessons, Imuy for dj’ing, Keeper for welcoming all, so many I can’t name them all, you all know who you are. Music in SL is just brilliant :))

Thank you to all the Lollygaggers, Hobos and assortment of awesome normal folks who made this all happen. See you all soon. Lollygagger Lane – Living the Hobo dream and slackin’ along the way, Hot Piss! 🙂

By Raskolnikow Roffo

Lollygagger Janitor